We have been using digital mammography since 2005.  The images are stored electronically at an offsite facility.  These images are recalled from year to year when you come in for a mammogram.  They can be printed in case of need for consultation or in the event that you move to another city. We have a CAD (Computer Aided Detection) system to assist the radiologists in reading your images.

Our technologists are specialty trained in digital mammography and our lead mammographer has 17 years of experience. Our mammogram unit is located in our healthcare facility to make it convenient to coordinate your exam and mammogram at the same visit. We also have Bone Density  and Ultrasound available when needed to provide diagnostic testing. Our facility is certified by the American College of Radiology and DHEC.

There has been much debate about pap testing on a yearly basis. Dr. Besson is aware of current recommendations from the American Cancer Society; however, she believes that patients are individuals and should be treated as such when it comes to their health care. She does believe that a yearly pap smear renders very valuable information at a cost that is relatively low. It has been our experience with our patient population that performing pap smears on a 3 year basis could be detrimental to one’s health; therefore, we continue to recommend pap smears on a yearly basis but if you have concerns Dr. Besson will discuss this further with you and make a final determination.