Spring: Renewal of the Mind

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March 22, 2022
Spring is Here!
This is a wonderful time of renewal and for me a time of hope. I love that the days are becoming longer and warmer. Winter is being pushed away into a distant memory with trees blooming and bees buzzing. In the South, we also see pollen clouds so thick you can taste them, and layers of yellow that cover our cars and patio furniture. Being one that purposefully strives to see the glass half-full instead of half-empty, I won’t focus on this aspect of spring. Instead, I want to take the next few moments to focus on the renewal and hope this season can bring deep inside each of us and how we can nurture that.

It has been said “Where the mind goes the body will follow”. Since our mental health is an indicator of our overall health, I want to briefly discuss the mind and renewing it. Many recent articles have been written about mindfulness, calming one’s mind and how this can improve our health. Mindfulness is simply characterized by using meditation and relaxation techniques to become in-tune to what is real right now. I am a Christ follower and have noticed that within the Church the topic of mindfulness is rarely discussed; possibly because the concept is rooted in Zen Buddhist meditation, although it has been used in many cultures and religious practices for centuries. Most recently mindfulness has gained favor as a counseling and psychotherapy tool in the West and is seen as a way to reduce and manage acute stress.

I want to submit to you that like anything, mindfulness can be misused. I do believe that as a Christian, when we use this technique considering our vertical relationship with Jesus, it is a safe and positive option to manage stress and develop a healthier thought life. What a beautiful way to connect with God, the creator of this vast universe and our amazing bodies. The One who lovingly created us and knows us intimately!
If you are a Christ follower, I challenge you to look at the following scriptures and decide for yourself if this a practice you are comfortable with.
Romans 12:2 “be transformed” by renewing our minds
2 Corinthians 10:5 “take every thought captive”
Hebrews 12:2, Philippians 4:8 looking to Jesus and thinking on things that are true and admirable
If you are of another faith and/or are interested in learning more about how mindfulness can reduce stress and improve overall health just contact our office.

My friend, you are a wonderful and amazing human. Your life is precious and impacts others in ways that you are not aware of and cannot imagine. It is my sincere prayer that you will feel the comfort of knowing you are loved and that you will see this season of spring as one of renewal and hope.


Mindfulness Meditation: revised version from Brian E. King, Ph.D.
Practice twice a day for 5-10 minutes
• Choose a time of day when you are most awake and alert. Sit upright, keeping the spine straight.
• Focus on your breathing, the sensations it triggers. Notice how your abdomen moves with each breath.
• If you become distracted, return your focus to your breathing
• Breathe in hope, Exhale worry.