Six Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Health.

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I believe that approaching your health holistically is so very important: when I say holistically, I am referring to the awareness that your Mind, Body and Spirit work together to create the best you. If one part is ignored or needs additional attention due to stress, illness and/or circumstances then all three suffer.

Today, I want to take a few moments to discuss a few practical steps that will help you start the process of taking the BEST care of yourself and those you love. Think of this as a way of Spring Cleaning yourself.

This isn’t about being selfish. It is about acknowledging what is presently going on and what you actually need. Take a self inventory…think for a minute about what creates a sense of calm, joy and peace for YOU. Don’t ignore the importance of taking a few minutes every day for yourself. This will allow you to better care for others.

Eating whole foods that are minimally processed will help you think more clearly, strengthen your body, and energize you overall. PERIOD. Drink plenty of water and be mindful of what you eat. Moderation is key and if a certain food brings you and your family joy, then create a beautiful memory around it. Please also consider including a Multi-Vitamin and adding Zinc, Vitamin D and C supplements if approved by your doctor. Recent studies have shown that these can help strengthen your immunity and are a good focus during seasonal changes.

This can look different for everyone. For some it may mean gentle stretching and deep breathing, others may need to go for a walk or run. Finding something that you enjoy and that bring energy into your life is a great way to reduce stress. This might mean having a dance party to a YouTube video, riding your bike, or joining the gym with a friend. Whatever you do, move your body every day!

Sleep is important and is needed for the body to heal. Most experts agree that 7-9 hours are optimal for an adult. If you have trouble getting to sleep, then prepare your body before going to bed. This can be done by keeping a bedtime ritual, by limiting caffeine after 3pm, and/or by not using your phone or other electronic devices an hour prior to bedtime. All these things prepare your mind for rest.

Think about your dreams, hopes and future. It is good to be informed but not healthy to have the news on continually. Focus on things that are in your control, let go of those things that are not. Set daily goals that are small and obtainable. Focus on the love of family, friends and the joy your pets give you. It is also a great idea to journal. You may find hope, joy and gratitude in your faith. Dr. Besson and I are Christ followers and find a sustaining source of comfort and hope in our faith. If you have questions about this please reach out to us.

In Western Medicine healthcare professionals have traditionally been focused on the treatment of symptoms and have used medications to provide the “quick fix” many of us desire. Focusing on symptoms does lead to diagnosis and treatment with medications is appropriate. However, I strongly believe that intergrading other modalities such as nutrition, mindfulness, massage, acupuncture and aromatherapy, promotes healing. Therefore, these can and should be used together, in harmony to address a patients concerns, while finding the root problem(s) and addressing them.

I love using essential oils to improve mood, help to manage stress and other concerns. I encourage you to become educated about these holistic minded therapies to decide whether these are options for you . When using aromatherapy it is extremely important to use a brand that is pure and produced in an ethnical way. Using an oil or products that contain fragrance or solvents by inhaling or applying on the skin is NOT a healthy practice. I realize that it can seem overwhelming introducing essential oils to your family, so using them with the guidance of a Professional Certified Aromatherapist is a great way to start. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is providing education. In our Aromatherapy Room, we don’t just sell essential oils and custom blends, but provide education and follow up.
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Remember small changes can make a big impact in your health and the health of those you love! So as you put these 6 practical steps into daily practice, don’t forget to give yourself some grace! Why not pick one to focus on this week?
Happy Spring Cleaning!