Mane Attraction Kit of 3 Oil Blends


Plant Therapy’s Mane Attraction Set contains one undiluted 10 mL bottle each of Happy Trails, Horse Whisperer, and Show Ready.

Happy Trails was created to make traveling easier for your dogs and horses. Often times, our four-legged friends can experience motion sickness during travel. The scent of this blend is soothing to an upset stomach while also comforting your animals so they stay calm and worry-free.

Just like humans, dogs and horses can develop fear and anxiety disorders after a traumatic experience. Our Horse Whisperer blend helps to calm and comfort animals while supporting their emotional healing process. While it was made with horses in mind, it is also safe and effective for dogs who may struggle with similar issues.

Show Ready was created to help maintain good health in your dogs and horses. Dogs and horses can become more susceptible to illness and disease during times of travel, stress, boarding for long periods of time, or exposure to unfamiliar animals. This blend utilizes essential oils to help support their immune system in order to help protect them from illness.


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