Navigating through Challenges in Life

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Navigating Through Challenges in Life.

Hello Friends!   I know this is a heavy topic. 

When I decided to write this, I realized that some of you may believe that I am not qualified.  It is true that I have not faced and navigated through the challenges that some of you have lived through and currently face. We all are on different journeys.  I firmly believe that sharing our heartaches and triumphs with transparency can be beneficial not only to ourselves but to others. I will say that in my 57 years of life I have been confronted with physical, emotional, and spiritual circumstances that have “rocked my world”.  I also know what it feels like to have physical limitations and daily pain. Life can be difficult.  To be honest, I am currently in a situation that has added significant amounts of stress in my life; so practicing ways to focus my energy in a more positive way while reducing stress has become even more important. 

I use a variety of techniques including deep breathing exercises, prayer, and meditation when I feel overwhelmed.  I also believe therapy is extremely helpful.

Below is a list I believe you will find beneficial when navigating challenges in life:

·      If you cannot change the circumstances and where you are, then accept it.  If you can change it, make a plan, then act.
·      Take 5 deep, slow, cleansing breaths several times a day.  Imagine you are inhaling peace while exhaling negativity and stress. 
·      Do not allow yourself to become isolated.  Seek out the company of others and find someone who can support you while providing accountability.
·      Daily meditate and pray, consider journaling your thoughts.
·      Eliminate things in your life that create noise and/or are fillers of your time and energy like social media
·      Feed your physical body with healthy foods and daily exercise
·      Focus on at least 2 things you are grateful for today.  
·      Schedule rest and sleep.  Eight hours daily is great for your mind, body, and spirit. However, beware of the tendency to use naps as a way to ignore the problem, especially if you struggle with depression.  If you suffer from insomnia, prepare your body and mind for sleep by creating rituals.
·      Give Yourself Grace
Being a Holistic Nurse does not mean I have the answers.  It means that I see the mind, body, and spirit of a person as one and interconnected.  We long for balance in our lives, and benefit when we support our emotional and spiritual health, along with our physical health.  God created you with special gifts and talents.  He wants us to lead a fulfilled life and feel loved.  Every day is a gift…even when it is a hard and challenging one.  I would love to walk with you on your journey toward a more balanced life. 
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