For the love of food! Part 4

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For the love of food!

Part 4 – the how


I hope you have enjoyed the last few weeks as we have discussed the why, what and when we eat.  This week we come to the how.  How we eat.  I am going to be really transparent here.  Having been a nurse for over 34 years, it was always unfortunately been seen as bragging rights “not to have taken a lunch break.”  I can remember charting and eating at the same time, and having many shifts when after 12 hours, I didn’t remember eating or drinking anything except a cup of coffee.  Is this healthy?  NO. Should it be celebrated or encouraged?  NO.  I also even find myself sometime in the evening sitting in front of the TV, eating dinner, only later wondering why I feel bloated and am having reflux.  Do you find yourself eating in the car, or on the run?   Are we really that busy?  Is food not important enough to give it the attention it deserves?  When we look at the cost, time, and energy it takes to make it to our plates why don’t we put more value in the how we eat?


As a Christian, I was taught the Bible verse in I Corinthians 10:31 – “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”   This simply means to honor God with all that you do.  Now I know you may feel like this is a stretch stating this verse here, but I do believe that being mindful of the way we eat can be a powerful tool and open up a new mindset about food.


That leads me to a term you may have heard recently called “mindful eating.”  It is a way of focusing on what is important when you are eating.  This includes not only using our senses and enjoying our food by thinking about texture, aroma, and taste, but also by focusing on chewing, digestion, being present and listening to our bodies while we are eating so that we know when we are full.  You can find apps like noom that promote this, as well as a recent study by the Cleveland Clinic that shows benefits of mindful eating which include greater enjoyment and appreciation of food, reduced cravings, improved digestion, and weight management. (; Jan 31,2022)


small steps make a big difference


I have said this before because I believe it is very true.  Now that summer is upon us, try to embrace just a few of the following suggestions over the next few weeks, and see if they make a difference in the why, what, when and how you eat.


  • Plan a trip to the local farmers market or go berry-picking at a farm. Pick, wash, prepare and plan your menu. DIG IN! Enjoy this experience with family/friends while staying within your budget.
  • Instead of eating and multitasking try to “only eat when you eat.” Savor the texture, and the flavors.  Chew your food slowly. 
  • Do not just think of your meal as an end product, consider where the food you are eating comes from and be thankful for it and for the process.
  • Listen to your body. Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full.
  • Summertime food is all about the outdoors. Make memories and enjoy the process and time shared as much as the consumption of the food.
  • Have a night once a month when you try a different ethnic food at home. I think a perfect night would include inviting some friends who have different backgrounds and you each rotate learning and sharing your heritage! What a fun and amazing way to build relationships.


Food is a universal love language…. well, it is my love language.  Bon Appetit!