Celebrating the Heroes who Nurture Us

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Celebrating the Heroes who Nurture Us!   May 6-8th


Mother’s Day. May 8th is the big day!  Every year billions of dollars are spent on cards, flowers, and gifts in an attempt to somehow tell the important women in our lives how much we appreciate them.  It is difficult to express how impactful a loving and nurturing figure can be in someone’s life.  “Life-giving” is a start.  Every year, the second week of May is kicked off by another event that has personally been special to me for 34 years, Nurses Day.  Not as widely celebrated, this honors the contributions and sacrifices made by Nurses everywhere and reminds us to thank those who keep us healthy.  It was established officially in 1994, as a week-long celebration, starting on May 6th,National Nurse’s Day and ending on May12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday as well as the date established as International Nurses Day in 1974.

Both celebrations seem to have much in common to me.  I certainly do not mean that when I think of nurses I think of women.  The first part of my career at a teaching hospital was in a critical care unit where I am thankful that I was surrounded by many strong, compassionate, MALE nurses.  It may also be a little-known fact that the first recorded “nursing school” was established in India in 250BC and only men were allowed to attend because they were deemed “purer.”  Hopefully in 2022, we can appreciate that both men and women bring value and worth to the table.   When I speak about the commonality of nurses and mothers I think of these words:  nurturing, patient, generous, intelligent, compassionate, heroes.   I realize that not everyone has had the same experiences or have been blessed to have been influenced and lead by several great nurses: my grandmother, aunts, as well numerous adult friends who challenged me to dig deep inside and strive daily to be a better version of myself.

I have been loved and supported by a strong maternal influence as well, so I naturally think of my mom, Phyllis Williams, when Mother’s Day comes.  She continues to be the most patient and nurturing woman I have ever known.  She is a beautiful version of the woman pictured in Proverbs 31…virtuous, seeking God’s wisdom above all else.   I have seen her sit at the sewing machine for hours, patiently making sure the seams are just right, so that when the project is completed the seams are not only strong and will stand the test of time, but that it will also fit the wearer comfortably and perfectly.  A true work of art.

Who has come into your thoughts as you have read this today?  Hopefully you can let them know how special they are and why.  During the next few weeks would you be so kind to also let a nurse know how much you appreciate them?

When we show gratitude, we enrich not only that person’s life but other’s as well.

Finally, I do realize that for some, this time is one of heartache and full of loss and unfulfilled dreams.  For you, I hope that someone wraps their arms around you and shows you how important you are to them.  Let me be the first to say that you are special, and I hope that in the days ahead you will be kinder to yourself.  Reach out to us at Women’s Health Associates, we are here to help.

Give yourself some grace this week my friend,


P.S.  I have an exciting surprise for all of you!  Next week we have a guest writer.  She enjoys writing, social media and was the editor of her High School Yearbook.  My proof-reader, encourager and self-proclaimed “comma nazi”,,,, she attempts to keep me in check before I hit that publish button each week.  

I know you will enjoy her fresh, smart and millennial approach and cannot wait to read her thoughts.



Happy Nurses Day and Mother’s Day! 

Giving back to those who have so lovingly nurtured us…nurses, our mothers, sisters, friends and yes, even ourselves is important.

Here at Women’s Health Associates Aromatherapy, we want to thank all the nurses and mothers during the month of May with a 20% discount.

It is our gift to you!    (in-store purchases only)