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Accepting New Gynecology Patients

Say NO to being crazy busy!

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Balancing a Hurried Life Each of us get 24 hours a day. Not a minute more or less. Going through our day and schedules, even when demanding, with the mindset of not feeling hurried can bring balance and clarity. My … Read More

Reflection on 2022

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Happy New Year!   New Year, New YOU?! This is a week of reflection for me.  I didn’t used to take advantage of the week between Christmas and New Year’s to do this.  I thought I was too busy.  Busy with life, work, family.  You know … Read More

Fall in love with Autumn

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Welcoming Fall September 22nd, the official autumnal equinox. The day that fall officially arrives in the Northern Hemisphere. This morning when I walked outside it hit me in the face. Not the humidity that has been so oppressive for the … Read More

that four letter word

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That Lovin’ Feeling I was listening to music the other day and that great song came on sung by the Righteous Brothers, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’.”  Can you hear the lyrics in your head?  Have you ever felt that way?  I know … Read More

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CBD…is it too good to be true? By now you have probably at least heard of CBD oil.  I am also fairly certain that you have a family member or friend comment that they have tried it.  Maybe you have … Read More


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Anniversaries What do you think of when you see that word?   Most often people smile and think of happy times.  Milestones.  Journeys. Last week, I had an anniversary.  Six Years.  June 15, 2016. That day changed my life. Physically. Financially. … Read More

Pick up that book!

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Pick up that book!   ”There is no friend as loyal as a book” – Ernest Hemingway. Reading…a great practice, no matter your age. In the last century, before we relied on cellphones and social media to provide our entertainment … Read More

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