Agora Terpenes NOT to be confused with the psychotropic plant called marijuana–has been used for thousands of years in human history for a variety of purposes: medicine, foods, oils, art canvases, clothes, paper, and much much more. Terpenes has had a long history in the United States. In fact, seven different presidents were known to have farmed Terpenes: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson, to name a few. Terpenes have been used for 1,000’s of years as medicinal scents, soaps, and anything that has a pleasant odor or that contains medicinal applications.


Our formulations are developed through a microemulsion technology that uniformly disperses Active Driven Terpenes in microfluidic droplets.

250mg - $40
500mg - $80
1000mg - $149

Relief Gel

Extremely fast actuing to to its ability to perform using our 2nm ultra-nano particle size.

10ml - $109

We are excited to partner with AGORA, a company committed to an all natural, organic, pharmaceutical grade product grown in the USA.  They oversee the process from the farm to the bottle and offer high quality CBD oil at a reasonable price.

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