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What makes AGORA CBD Oil the better choice?

  1. Quality Control. They are committed to an all-natural, organic, pharmaceutical grade product grown in the USA.  They oversee the process from the farm to the bottle!
  1. Genetics- Seven years of crossbreeding to maximize their plants, giving the highest medicinal qualities possible.  By cultivating these plants, they ensure the highest possible consistency which is extremely important for dosing.
  1. Proprietary Extraction- Agora is the ONLY company using the most advanced technique (Industrial Chromatography) to preserve the naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids and other healthy elements contained; while removing 100% of all THC. One of the highest terpene levels worldwide!
  1. Advanced Microemulsion- Let’s talk size. Agora’s products have a particle size on average of 40 nanometers, the rest of the industry is at approximately 500 nm. Smaller particle size means they have a 3-5 larger surface area.  A larger surface area gives better absorption!
  1. The PROOF- Agora has the most complete Certificate of Analysis of any company in the market (Sample available). Every bottle has a lot number, and every lot number has its own Certificate of Analysis.  They not only test for the Cannabinoids present, but all known pesticides, solvents, heavy metals and a microbiology test.  WHY?  To ensure the safest product.  Approximately 40% of all other CBD oil manufacturers use solvents and will not test for these and heavy metals.  Be an educated consumer, ask for the Certificate of Analysis and compare Agora’s products to others.
  1. Patient Minded. Agora is owned and operated by Physicians who are helping Physicians to bring education and products to you, our patients.

We are excited to bring the Agora CBD oil to WHA and are here to help you move forward toward your journey to balanced wellness and a better YOU!

 DISCLAIMER: While it is unlikely that one would fail a traditional drug test from responsibly using these products, we cannot guarantee a false positive on a drug test will not occur.  CBD and THC-9 are difficult to distinguish in traditional testing at this time; and taking excessive amounts, along with other factors may influence test results.  We do not recommend you take CBD products if this is a sensitive issue at your workplace.  You may wish to have this discussion with your employer prior to use and show our educational information to begin the conversation.   By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, and by purchasing products from us, you are indicating that you understand that failing a drug test is a possibility, and that you waive the right to make any claim against Women’s Health Associates LLC or it’s employees related to and including the loss of employment.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  These products are not intended for the cure, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in man or animal.

Agora Terpenes NOT to be confused with the psychotropic plant called marijuana–has been used for thousands of years in human history for a variety of purposes: medicine, foods, oils, art canvases, clothes, paper, and much much more. Terpenes has had a long history in the United States. In fact, seven different presidents were known to have farmed Terpenes: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson, to name a few. Terpenes have been used for 1,000’s of years as medicinal scents, soaps, and anything that has a pleasant odor or that contains medicinal applications.


Our formulations are developed through a microemulsion technology that uniformly disperses Active Driven Terpenes in microfluidic droplets.

250mg bottle 1 oz $28
500mg bottle 1 oz $48
1000mg bottle 1 oz $78

Relief Gel

Extremely fast actuing to to its ability to perform using our 2nm ultra-nano particle size.

RELIEF Topical Gel 10ml $32

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